Working on an Old Truck for My Boss

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I was sitting at lunch the other day eating a sandwich when the boss came out and started talking real familiarly. I knew he wanted me to do something for him, but it was not nearly so bad as I was thinking it might be. He had gone to an auction and came back with a very old Ford F 600 truck. It was all rusted up, but the engine was not in that bad of a shape. He does not expect me to do it all, but I took the chassis off the body. He went to and bought himself a big triple air horn. I was wondering if he was not getting ahead of himself, but he has a plan for this thing. Right now I just have it partly taken apart. I will take it apart in this rented building that he has. A friend of mine already has the interior seats, he will start working on the upholstery. Once the body is off of the chassis I will sand blast it down to the metal and start working on the body.

In fact the body is in good shape. Apparently this truck came out of a city garage where it had been kept safe and dry for the past fifteen or twenty years. The engine was not original. It appears that it had been replaced in the early 1970′s. The truck itself was obviously used for a mobile toolbox. It was the truck that the maintenance guy drove around to the schools to service the school buses with. At least that is the most likely use. There was nothing on the back now though. It was just a truck cab with a bare chassis in the rear. That back part probably got put on the truck that replaced it.

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