We Want to Move Up in the World

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My wife and I are extremely organized. When I realized I wanted to be promoted to the top, we sat down and organized the next several years of our lives to make that happen. I knew that I would need to work my way up the corporate ladder so I could be transferred to Bugis, which is where our company headquarters is located. Knowing that would take at least two to three years, we decided to start looking at new developments being planned in the area. That is how we came across duo residences, which is a new development that will be ready by 2017.

The timing of the completion of the development coincides perfectly with our life goals, and we knew that we wanted to submit our names for consideration for the Duo Residences. Everything that we read about it told us that it was a place designed for people like us. We looked at the floor plans of the different styles available, and we knew that we would be happy in any of them. Everything we would need is going to be right there, including retail spaces, amenities that we and our children would love, and plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues within a few minutes of the development.

Even though it is still a few years away, we knew that we needed to get our information submitted, because there are only going to be 660 units available. With how nice it is going to be, I knew that the slots would get taken up quickly. I was able to submit our information via the website we were looking at, and it is nice to know that everything is working out the way we are planning it. Now, I just have to work hard to ensure that all of this happens.

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