We Are Finally Going to Israel

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When my husband and I started talking about where we would like to take our first vacation in nearly 15 years, it really was a no brainer for us. We both have changed so much over the past decade and a half, mainly because we both accepted Jesus as our Savior in that time. Because of this, we had been studying and learning a lot about Israel, and we decided that we would not only enjoy taking some Israel tours but we would also benefit from going on one or more of them if we went there for some much needed relaxation time.

I did some research first to make sure that we would be able to get there safely and have someplace affordable to stay. I was happy to see that we would have no problem staying somewhere local to the things we wanted to see there. The next thing I did was look at some touring companies because I wanted to find the right one for what we wanted. We did not want to be a part of a large group, because too many people meant that we would not get personalized attention.

This trip was too important to not be able to ask the questions that we knew would arise when we were on one of the tours. We were able to find a tour company that has great reviews and also does small group tours. We did not mind if there were a handful of others with us, but we definitely did not want dozens of other people on the same tour, all clambering to have their questions asked since not everyone can get an answer with such a large group. We are happy with everything that we saw with the company we are choosing, and now we are both so excited to get there in the next few months!

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