Speech Therapy and the Internet

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Add speech therapy to the list of all things that can be accessed from behind your computer screen. gr8 speech is one company that offers online speech therapy. There are many vacant job offerings for speech therapists and being able to provide service to children who need it is made much easier when done remotely.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of speech therapists that deal with children, those who operate from an office at a school and those that visit children at home. The downside of having children take speech lessons through school is that it cuts down on time that would otherwise be spent in their regularly scheduled classes. The issue with in-home visit therapy is that the speech therapist has to commute from one client to the next, time that should be spent teaching children.

Danna Lingston has been a speech therapist for 13 years and welcomes the idea of remote speech therapy. “Simply put, children ought to know how to be clearly understood in their native tongue and being able to teach them from behind a screen is a fantastic progression in my profession,” Danna says. She mentions that she had to travel over an hour to teach a young boy to whom she was the closest qualified therapist.

But children are not the only ones who need therapy, there are also many adults. Think for example about English lessons to those that may have suffered from a stroke or other brain and head injuries. Speech therapists could also teach clients around the world, including those who are learning English and would like to modify their accent.

Speech therapy is given a great amount of access by being conducted online. A busy schedule is streamlined when travel no longer needs to be taken into consideration. Daily routines do not need face as much interruption in this model.

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