Satellite TV Lets Me Download Movies and Shows to My Tablet

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I was one of those guys that was never going to switch to satellite TV. I did not see any benefit to it. The HD channels looked as good on cable as it did on my neighbor’s satellite TV. I even admit they both worked just as good rain or shine. T here were a few things I liked better with the satellite guide, but was not enough to make me switch. Then I learned about streaming DVR stuff on satellite to tablets and phones here, and that is when I switched. This service alone is worth it to me to have satellite over cable TV.

The reason is because of work I do. I go out with a team of guys to guard what is basically big piece of property. We pretty much camp out for three days and are replaced by new personnel after that. We get four days off and then do it again. There is really nothing to do except what you bring. I can only play so many games of cards or chess. We can charge laptops and tablets but there is no cable or satellite service. I download movies and shows on our DVR of our satellite box to my tablet, and then I watch them on the job. There is an extreme amount of downtime. Only one person is required to be awake, so you sleep, wander around, play cards or chess or goof with your computer or tablet.

At home I just stream DVR stuff to my tablet. When I am going back on the job I download movies and shows to my tablet’s memory. I have an expansion slot on mine with a huge data card. I have a bunch of programming downloaded for each three day stint. You have no idea how much the DVR content is enjoyed by me and others bored out of our minds at work.

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