Prices for Computing Scale Labels

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I am tryign to find some scale labels, because I got changed to this job after hurting my back working in another part of the factory. I wish that I had been more careful, because I do not know how long it is going to be before I am able to go back to my normal job and this job I am doing right now is pretty boring. It is so boring that I just want to go home even if i do not get to make the rest of the money for my shift today.

Back pain is not something that I should have to just live with, but rather, I wish that there was an end in sight. I do not ever want to have surgery on my back, because there is something about back surgery that really scares me. I watched the first episode of this one show one time, but I forget what it was called. It was a show where everyone was stranded on some island after a plane crash. Anyway, there was a doctor on the island and he was talking about his first surgery, which happened to be back surgery. He said that he made a slip with his knie and cut open the spinal cord of his patient and that nerve fibers went everywhere like millions of tiny strands of angel hair pasta. The imagery that he evoked really creeped me out and I turned off the show right after he said that. But yeah, that is one of the reasons why back surgery freaks me out so much. I don’t think my back is bad enough to need it though, or at least, I sure hope that my back is not that bad off and that it is going to heal before long.

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