Not Sure How Big of a Wedding We Can Afford

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toronto, party bus prices, party bus toronto, limo, stag party bus ...Actually when you think about it the wedding itself is not really that big of an expense. You go down to the court house and get a license, then you find a city magistrate or some other official. I am not really sure who all can marry you here, but you could do that for about the same price that going out for a nice night out would run you. The other stuff is what costs you so much, all of the ritual and ceremony. For instance you have to have a toronto limo rental and those guys charge you around a hundred bucks an hour for the regular limousines. If you get the town car that can be around fifty bucks an hour, but it is not a limo. You might as well go rent a car from Budget Rent A Car and put one of your cousins in a chauffeur’s costume. The really huge limos cost a lot more than that it seems, but there is no real need for that.

We figure that four hundred bucks will get us the four hour package from the limousine rental place. That is going to have to suffice, although the limo company tried to tell us that a lot of people will have an entire fleet of limos for the whole wedding party. That is only the start of things. You need a bunch of flowers and you need to have the tuxedo for the groom and a wedding dress for the bride. You have to have a wedding photographer and in fact you need ot have a wedding video made as well. After the vows have been said and the rice has been thrown there is the reception. That is where you start to spend some really big money.

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