Looking for Non-Surgery Breast Enhancement Results

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I was just wanting to fill out certain dresses and blouses a little more. My genetics has me with the hips and backside but smaller breasts than what I would consider proportional. My mom, grandmother and even my sister own it. They do not care a bit about it. However, I do. It is a personal choice. They told me to look into surgery if it is that big of a deal. There is no way I am doing that. It is not right for me. However, I was wondering, does breast actives have permanent results? I was not willing to try anything, hence the no surgery stance, but I was willing to try some things.

I was looking for a partial increase in cup size. Nothing dramatic. If I would put on a few pounds of fat, I would probably be okay in the up top department, especially since they are largely made of fat cells. However, I have a high metabolic rate, and it would actually take work for me to keep weight on. I am not bone skinny but lean and muscular. It is just how we look on the female side of my family. However, we do age well. My grandmother is always mistaken for a woman in her thirties even though she is now over 60.

I know I should not make a big deal about breast size. However, I like to look good in my office attire where I work. On the weekends I am in shorts and tee shirts and hiking boots. I like to camp and spend my time outdoors. I do not care much how I look in a tee shirt, but those silly skirts and blouses at work get me all the time. Oh, and I do not like padded bras or ones that squeeze you to make you look bigger either.

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