I Needed to Keep Myself and My Home Safe

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When a number of us in my neighborhood realized that different homes were being broken into, many of us felt that each of us homeowners needed to start communicating with one another so that we can work one another and try to keep our homes more safe. I purchased one of the many great CCTV systems that are available for home use. I live alone, and the thought of someone breaking into my home when I am home alone sent a thread of fear though my mind. I figured that having a camera system would help to alert me to someone being on my property and give me more time to call the police for help. I just hoped that I would never have to use them.

It used to be that buying this sort of closed circuit camera system was rather expensive. It also used to be that it was mostly businesses that could only afford this kind of system. Prices are really inexpensive now, and just about any homeowner can buy a camera that is extremely inexpensive. I wanted the place one camera on the front of my house, one on either side of my house, and one on the back of my house. I figured that 4 cameras would be enough to get a good view. I had a local handyman, to install them. She didn’t charge me very much at all, and he did a fantastic job.

I actually had a lot of fun monitoring the camera system. I learn that we have all sorts of little wild animals in our neighborhood. There are coyotes rabbits foxes and even feral cats. The one night as I was Modern seeing the system I saw a man walk onto my property. You walked in my front door and he tried to open it. Thankfully, it was locked, and separately, my new cameras gave me the extra heads up about calling the police quickly. So my camera system purchase was a fantastic purchase

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